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Five Things You Can Do TODAY To Improve Your Health! 

April 10, 2019

Often times, getting healthier can seem an overwhelming task. It is, after all tricky to balance work, school, children, exercise, cooking, cleaning, activities, and self-care. So, here are some simple things to try TODAY that require little or no preparation and planning.

1. Open up those windows! Yes, the air is still frigid at times, and can be a bit much, but opening the windows in your home promotes good health easily. Fresh air is good for the mind, body, and soul. Nothing feels as good as airing out your home after a long winter! Even cracking your windows a few inches can make a difference and requires so little effort.

2. Place a pitcher of water in the refrigerator. This is such a great way to promote drinking water, and unlike filling your fridge with water bottles, it is environmentally friendly and limits waste.

3. Take a walk. Remember that fresh air? There is plenty of it outside! Take the kids or pets or just yourself for a relaxing walk around your neighborhood. As an extra challenge, if you're feeling up to it, grab a trash bag and see if you can fill it on your walk. (The unfortunate thing about the snow melting is the revelation of the winter's litter.)

4. Dust. I hate to say it, but it needs to be done. All of those dust particles in the air are no good for you and your family to breathe in. Use a damp cloth, and wipe down those surfaces that may have been neglected in months past. PRO TIP: Vacuum the floors after dusting, to get rid of the fly away dust that finds a home in your carpets and rugs.

5. Take some time for self-care! Take a little extra time to read today, meditate, get a massage, take a hot bath, or whatever else may relax you and makes you feel good. An important part of your health is your mental health, and a great way to improve that is by taking some time for self-care!

With all that in mind, enjoy the spring season as it settles in, and stay healthy!


10 ways to help our planet beyond Earth Day!

April 24 2019

With Earth Day in our rear-view, it might be easy to just sit by and coast back to our normal habits without even thinking of the consequences they have on our planet. Changing habits may be hard but with these tips, it might become a little easier.

1. Although it might seem like common sense, our planet suffers from the use of too many plastic bottles. One way to quell this would be to switch from bottled water to bringing your own water bottle and refilling it!

2. With all of the plastic waste, those shopping bags that you pick up for free at the stores may seem like just a standard practice that you shouldn't think twice about. Bring reusable bags to the store with you, or keep some in your car to lessen waste. Also if you choose to bring home plastic bags from the store, reuse them or re-purpose them. 

3. Not all of us have a green thumb, but taking time to plant trees, flowers or vegetables can be a nice way to relax and can also be a natural way to clean our air and improve our environment.

4. As we get nearer to summer and fishing opener weekend, consider using kayaks or canoes to help keep our lakes cleaner, or if you do have a motorized boat, you can use the paddles in them that most boats are equipped with , instead of running your engine.

5.When you are planning meals and snacks try to make a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly grocery list, so you can avoid several trips to the grocery store and conserve gasoline.

6. On nice days consider riding your bicycle or walking where you can instead of using your car. Not only will this help with our overuse of fossil fuels, but it is also a cheap way to get where you're going and get exercise in as well. 

7. If you find yourself at the store, try to buy glass or metal products instead of plastic, and also try to find items with little packaging when you can.

8. This one may seem overstated but is one of the most important tips. It may seem like a no-brainer, but whenever possible recycle your plastic, paper, glass, and other recyclable items or consider using recyclable items for crafting if that is your schtick. 

9. Another great way to help your environment, and community is to shop locally at the food co-op or farmer's market, especially when buying fresh vegetables.

10. This last tip is another tip that would seem obvious but judging by the amount of litter on the sides of roads, at parks, or in ditches most people don't think often enough about picking up the trash that they see. A simple rule to live by is if you see it, own it.

-Katie Wooden